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Help convince consumers to save water while showering!

2020년 12월 10일 (목)에 공모전 마감
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The shower is for many people not only a moment of cleansing but also a moment of pure pleasure.

Whether it is in the morning when waking up or in the evening after a long day of work, it is a moment of timeless relaxation where consumers free their mind from worries & don’t tend to keep track of how long they are showering.

Our sponsor is a world leading company in the cosmetic & beauty industry. The company has been committed for several years to develop beauty products that consume less water during usage by consumers, as well as water-saving accessories.

Impacting consumers’ behavior is key to reduce water consumers. 80% of the water used during the life cycle of a shampoo or shower gel corresponds to the moment of usage of this shampoo or shower gel when the consumers are using it in shower.

Can you help a world leader in the beauty & cosmetic sector to come up with new ways of nudging men and women to be more mindful of their water consumption in the shower and lower it?

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