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Create an engaging and interactive in-store display for the new Samsung Bespoke refrigerator!

2021년 01월 10일 (일)에 공모전 마감
그래픽 디자인 - 일러스트레이션

Samsung has led the US market in Home Appliance (Refrigeration, Laundry, Cooking and Dishwasher) market share for the last 15 months with its focus on innovation and design that meet the needs of ever evolving consumer lifestyles.

The BESPOKE refrigerator, launching in 2021, ushers in a new era of customizable home appliances - BESPOKE allows consumers to tailor their own configurations by material, color, and module to meet various lifestyles needs and interior design concepts.

The 4-Door BESPOKE refrigerator has 4 panels to personalize with unique color-material-finishes. With up to 7 colors and 3 finishes (high gloss glass, matte glass, metal) to choose from, consumers can mix and match to reflect their personal style. The color offerings range from bold to more traditional colors, delivering a diverse color palette for a wide variety of choice.

The challenge currently is how do we get consumers to gravitate towards custom color finishes and views these options as high end. Many consumers view stainless steel options as the gold standard when renovating or updating their kitchen appliances, and we want to change that thinking with this product line.

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