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Spark excitement around shaving products!

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Whatever the style they go for, shaving is part of every man’s routine. Behind the decision to shave (or not), there are different motivations that include a wide variety of factors, making men’s behaviour towards shaving worth a study :-). Gillette is one of the leading brands that offer grooming products to men across the world. They have run a comprehensive study to better understand the relationship between men and shaving in Europe. The study has identified several areas about which they need your creative input to change men’s behaviour.

In this task, we will focus on how to create excitement around shaving products. The category is often left off the shopping list and men tend to buy it on impulse rather than a planned purchase. Shaving products, especially blades and razors, are seen as expensive items, leading men to look for the best deal available in shops or new purchasing methods such as online subscriptions. The perception of the whole category has significantly shifted towards being commodity driven. Gillette wants to bring back emotion to the relationship between men and razors.

Look at how excited people can get when buying a new pair of shoes or after the release of a new technology gadget. Gillette would like to spark the same reactions amongst men – because that’s what shaving products deserve. They are state of the art products that have been carefully designed, but this receives very little recognition from consumers. Can you come up with solutions to create more excitement around shaving products?

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