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Create an intuitive and impactful logo for Monoprix’s urban click & collect

2021년 03월 02일 (화)에 공모전 마감
그래픽 디자인 - 일러스트레이션

In France, if you live in a city of 50,000 people or more, you probably shop chez Monoprix. Since its beginning in the 1930s, Monoprix has been willing to reinvent how people shop in France, to make good products accessible to all. It turned the traditional supermarket to a “concept store” where you can shop your grocery but also lifestyle products such as fashion, home, and beauty products.

It’s in the Monoprix DNA to pioneer and innovate to better serve its clients. The iconic French supermarket is always on the look to the latest trends and have successfully adapted its model to address people needs with new product, formats, services, etc. People like to shop at Monoprix because it is a delightful and premium experience throughout their journey.

In the recent years, one of the main challenges of retailers has been to integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g. online, in a physical shop, or by phone). To tackle this, Monoprix has launched a Click & Collect service, called “Le Comptoir Monoprix”, allowing people to shop online and pick up their products at a counter in the store or just outside. This will dramatically ease the life of urban shoppers that often use different ways of transportation.

Monoprix wants the city crowd to be aware of this new service and needs your creativity to communicate it. We need your help to create a logo that captures all the benefits this solution brings to urban shopper. Are you up for this challenge?

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