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NTUC FairPrice is the largest supermarket chain in Singapore. Established 47 years ago, it is now a household brand in Singapore, deeply connected to the local Singaporean psyche.

Today, it is Singapore’s largest retailer comprising 230 outlets with different formats such as FairPrice supermarkets (usual supermarkets), FairPrice Finest (premium supermarket), FairPrice Xtra (Hypermarket), FairPrice Xpress (small express stores), and FairPrice store (smaller heartland stores). Other than physical stores, FairPrice is also available online.

One of its key objectives is to sell affordable daily goods and necessities for the Singapore population. FairPrice is one of the more popular options for customers to purchase their fresh food groceries. Other options include the fresh food market and Sheng Siong. Cleanliness, good hygiene standards, clear pricing, and a well-designed store layout are the key dimensions for customers to visit NTUC FairPrice supermarket for their grocery needs.

Nowadays Supermarket retail is a competitive space in Singapore, especially with retail chains such as many competitor brands are gaining traction in the last few years. Therefore, it is important to deliver a rich shopping experience to stand out from competitors. FairPrice wants to have a relevant and exciting shopping experience for its consumers from the beginning until the end of their shopping journey. 

Can you create the best shopping experience in FairPrice supermarkets so that consumers not just take extra steps to go to FairPrice but also consider FairPrice to be their top-of-mind supermarket?

Help FairPrice create rich, relevant, and exciting experiences throughout their shoppers’ shopping journey!

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