New packaging needed for vitamin and mineral supplements! 공모전이 마감되었습니다.
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Help to design a new pack that will encourage daily vitamin and mineral supplement usage

2021년 07월 25일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Our sponsor is a consumer health company who produces leading brand vitamins and mineral supplements of great quality and value, based on 40 years of scientific research.  It is not a budget brand but on the premium side due to the strict quality assurance processes that the products are made to and the comprehensive and premium ingredients selected. But it is a mass market brand available in many shops/retailers (i.e. pharmacies/grocery stores/online etc).

Vitamins and mineral supplements are well proven to assist with general health and wellbeing. However, consumers who have purchased these products still sometimes don’t take them every day. Most people take them 4/5 times a week.

The single biggest reason people claim they don’t take their supplements daily is that they forget.  However, there is some suggestion that sometimes they just don’t see the need / aren’t triggered to take them that day (i.e. perhaps they feel good/healthy that day). Some may also worry about the expense of taking every day. This information came from the results of a recent survey which we have shared with you below:

Our sponsor believes there might be a way of helping consumers to take their vitamins and mineral supplements more regularly. We need your creativity to come up with new packaging that disrupts current behaviour and encourages daily consumption. Can you help?

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