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Help Old Mutual choose a new name for their SME platform!

2021년 12월 07일 (화)에 공모전 마감
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At the moment Old Mutual (one of South Africa’s biggest and most reputable financial services providers) is a brand that is known to appeal to everyday consumers, but it is not known for being a brand that appeals to small and medium sized enterprises / businesses (SMEs). But they would like to change that.

Old Mutual is in the process of creating and building an online platform that is focused on meeting the needs of SMEs. While Old Mutual currently have a number of different products / offerings available to SMEs, this platform will give them the opportunity to house it all in one space / platform. This platform will be accessible online via website (mobile app for Android and iOS is not yet available, but will be developed in due course), and only in South Africa, however expansion into the rest of Africa will be implemented at a later stage.

Old Mutual would like all SMEs to think of their platform whenever they require anything for their business, from business funding to staff cover for absences.

So, what we need your help with is what to call this platform that will, hopefully, become the go-to resource for all SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises / businesses)!

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