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I am XYZ, a brand new drink that will be launched in the Indian market in a few months. I am a delicious water based drink that restores your body, mind, and mood. My crystal clear water is enriched with proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to deeply hydrate your body and give it nutrition.

My stimulating fruit flavors and aroma will awaken your mind and uplift your mood. I come in a uniquely shaped, cool, light blue bottle. You'll want to drink me anytime, anywhere.

If you are cool, confident, passionate and optimistic, a self believer and enjoys opportunities, (small or big), then I'm the one for you. Show us how I can be your reliable companion to go through the day, anytime, anywhere to fully replenished you so you will always be ready, through a 30 to 45 sec TV ad.

For example: A guy is dragging his feet to work on a hot and humid day. He drinks the XYZ and instantly feels reinvigorated and starts a great daily journey.

Be as original and creative as possible!

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