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Partager de nouveaux souvenirs dans le zoo de demain.

Le Zoo d'Anvers est le plus vieux parc animalier de Belgique et le cinquième plus ancien du monde. Il permet aux visiteurs de vivre une expérience intense et magique. Le Zoo d'Anvers a démarré un projet ambitieux appelé le “Zoo de Demain”: le parc animalier va être modernisé, tout en respectant son patrimoine et ses bâtiments classés. Le "Zoo de Demain" racontera l'histoire de la transformation que le zoo va subir.

Nous souhaitons qu'à travers un visuel, vous capturiez l'esprit du "Zoo de Demain" afin d'inciter les gens à visiter le Zoo d'Anvers.

Format: Illustration, photo ou mélange d'illustration et photos. 

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#1 Prize of 5,500€

I participated in this contest because I have much passion for wildlife and conservation. I love animals and have worked with over 100 chimpanzees at a sanctuary! My inspiration for this contest is that animals have emotions too. Just like humans. They bond, love and share new memories together within their own small communities. These penguins were inspired to hold hands after seeing this passing by…the image tells a little story with few words.

I created this media in vector in Adobe Illustrator. My goal was to show a retro zoo vibe, but mix it up a little bit and add in some non-common more modern elements such as the line work and the humanoid shapes.

When I found out I won, I was beyond excited! I'm so very happy to have won this contest. I knew there was only going to be one winner but I took a chance because I believe in zoos and the good they can do for conservation and for educating humans…:) Thank you eYeka for providing such wonderful, complex and interesting projects for all of us!

This visual offers a modern twist on our nostalgic series of Zoo posters. It's a nice illustration of the Zoo as a place of encounter between man and animal. We were charmed with the way our logo was used to make this an ideal tool for a branding campaign that fits nicely with the launch of our nostalgic merchandising line

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