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Show teenage guys how foam gives them the ultimate refreshing feeling.

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2013년 09월
공모 개요

공모 내용

What does a teenage guy expect when it comes to washing his face? Obviously the product must clean the skin, but it is the refreshing feeling that is the real magic. Foam is the ‘magic maker’: the rich and creamy foam creates a refreshing sensation during and after use, eradicating tiredness and dullness and providing a gentle kick for the rest of the day. 

OXY is one of the most popular brands in the male face wash category. It is launching a new facial cleanser specially designed for teenage guys. As you push the pump-action bottle, a
micro-fine, moisturizing foam is produced. It thoroughly removes the dirt and oil from your skin as well as giving you a supreme refreshing feeling that you’ve never experienced before. This is what sets OXY apart from other cleansers!

창의적 도전

Through a surprising and engaging viral video/animation, show teenage guys how “the amazing foam” gives them the ultimate refreshing feeling.

Your creation should appeal to teenage guys and show them how foam can be the ‘magic maker’, providing a superb refreshing experience. 


We are giving you an example to help you understand what we expect. Please do not copy this in your media as it will be rejected.

Example of an entry: a teenage guy is washing his face with OXY. We see him push the pump of the OXY bottle, and start to wash his face with the foam… Suddenly, the foam on his face freezes and transforms into an ice helmet! The bathroom changes to a scene in a video game, he becomes the Ice Age hero fighting his enemy, Fire Lord. He wins the battle with a gun that freezes everything (that is actually his bottle of cleanser) and he leaves the bathroom feeling refreshed and ready for the next challenge.


배심원 상금

  • #1 상금 8,000€
  • #2 상금 5,000€
  • #3 상금 2,000€


Video/animation of 30 seconds

수상 기준

We are looking for original, fun and surprising entries that could go viral on social media networks and become popular among the teenage community.

The winning entries will be featured on the brand’s social media channels as a part of the launch campaign of this new product. 

가이드 라인

이 공모전을 위한 가이드 라인

  • You can find more information about OXY from here.
  • You can find the image of the pack shot here.
  • Your entry can be in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian or Japanese.
  • Please end your creation with an end frame featuring the Oxy logo, pack shot and the product name (the width of the product name has to be approximately one third of the frame) shown for 3 seconds.

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  • 우승자로 당선이 되면 사용될 경우를 대비하여 작품은 고화질로 보관해주십시오.
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  • 본인 것이 아닌 작업물(음악, 사진, 디자인 등)이 있다면 사용한 음악 및/또는 이미지가 본인의 창작물인지 아닌지를 미디어 설명에 기입하고 사용 권한을 부여한 라이센스의 링크를 제공하십시오.
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