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Make your loved brands better brands!

2013년 06월 20일 (목)에 공모전 마감
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The relationship between brands and consumers is changing.

People used to only care about buying good products at a good price. Now they care more about how these products are made and how the brands behind them act for the greater good of society and the environment.

Consumers want “better brands”. How could brands change to become “better” in the future?

Pick one brand that you like (an international brand, or at least very well known in your region) and show us how it could become a better brand.

You are free to reinvent :

  • the products or services (new products or improvements of existing ones) ,
  • the experience (how people shop or use the products) or
  • the communication (the adverts, the events, the web presence)

Format: Presentations with pictures, illustrations and text.