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Show moms that nothing beats little moments with their children!

2013년 12월 15일 (일)에 공모전 마감
동영상 - 애니메이션

Remember when your mom was taking care of you? At some point she must have felt exhausted juggling between work, house-chores, the rest of the family… and you. Think about what you would have wanted to tell her then. What you say can help other moms today. You see, some moms are “to-do” moms: they have so many priorities that they have their own mental “to-do” lists. Feeding their child is one of the tasks. We want moms to be “today” mums, living in the moment and being fully engaged, connected and bonded with their children as a priority. It is good for children AND their mom. Help moms remember what matters most…

Create a high-quality and engaging video or animation, with a surprising and positive story that shows moms that nothing is more precious than those quality moments they share with their children.

Format: Videos & animations within 60 sec