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Make growing-up milk grow up!

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공모 개요

공모 내용

Growing-up milk provides babies with all the nutrition they need for growing up.  It has a high content in vitamins and essential elements that strengthens their immune system and promotes their physical and mental development. But what about 4 to 6 years old kids? They are active and ready to explore and interact with the world. Growing-up milk is no longer their favorite food as they think it is for babies.

At that age, mums will still decide what to feed them, often introducing a more varied diet that includes milk, baby food and solid food. Yet kids that age often want to choose what they eat. How can we make growing-up milk more appealing to these older children?

창의적 도전

Design an appealing poster and imagine promotional ideas to make growing-up milk so appealing to the big boys and girls that when they see it in a shop, they will ask their mother to buy it!

Two essential elements should be taken into consideration:

1. How to make growing-up milk appealing to older children: You are free to use an appealing claim that will make kids' eyes open wide, create a packaging that will capture big boys/girls’ attention, invent a name or offer promotional items that come with the product or can be given away at the store. You can also think of other ways to promote growing-up milk to older children and advertise that in your poster.

2. How to convey the message in a poster that will attract them: The pictures, words, colors you use will of course need to be carefully chosen as you need to attract the attention of these children and make them want to drink growing-up milk. Think about what will appeal to them.

Please add further visual explanation in addition to the poster to explain your promotional idea(s). There are many different ways to reinvent growing-up milk as long as you can make it appealing and interesting to those older kids who are exploring the world, want to interact and have fun.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

You can start by doing a bit of research online about what normal growing-up milk is like and thinking about why big boys and girls don't like it. You can try to remember when you were  4, 5 or 6 years old. What were you interested in and what kind of product caught your attention?

E.g. your poster could feature an innovative and cool shaker bottle that allows kids to mix and match their milk with a selection of other ingredients they like (chocolate, fruit jam, etc.) anytime, anywhere. It will say “who will you grow up with?” to show that you can add whatever combinations of fruits and ingredients yourself to the existing milk, thanks to this fun bottle that you can shake. Another idea could be inventing a game kit that goes with the product for kids to play and learn about vitamins, fruit and veggies... With every can of growing-up milk that mum buys, there is a card to collect for the child. 


배심원 상금

  • #1 상금 3,000€
  • #2 상금 1,500€
  • #3 상금 500€


A presentation consists of a poster and a detailed explanation of your promotional idea (in PDF format)

수상 기준

We expect innovative and interesting ideas to reinvent growing-up milk, with a wow effect to make it appealing and enjoyable to kids aged between 4 and 6 years so that they will ask their mothers for it. Your poster and promotional ideas will help us understand what to offer, and how to convey the message effectively.

Your entry will potentially be adopted by world-leading baby nutrition brand Dutch Lady to develop a new growing-up milk for kids.

가이드 라인

이 공모전을 위한 가이드 라인

  • In your entry, show us your poster and tell us about your promotional idea(s).
  • You may not change the product's formula and ingredients but you can think about ways to improve it by adding to it: e.g. new flavors (like banana, apple, strawberry, etc.) or by changing the packaging, the name, etc.
  • Your ideas should appeal to children over 4 years so don’t include baby romper, feeding bottles, pacifier, etc.
  • You have to feature the Dutch Lady logo brand in your creation.
  • Please give explanations about your creation.
  • Your entry must be in English.

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