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Show us how we can contribute to save the planet by showering more responsibly!

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공모 내용

We know that small actions can have a big impact on the world. Even a daily routine as simple as showering…

You might not know it but taking a hot shower for 10 minutes has the same environmental footprint as driving a car for 10km. In theory, we already know how to shower more responsibly: using less hot water or turning off the tap when you lather with shampoo or body wash can make a big difference, but do we actually apply these recommendations in real life?

Henkel, a leading manufacturer of beauty care products, needs your help. We want to convince people that changing their showering habits can be fun and enjoyable while having a significant and positive impact on our environment at the same time. Can you encourage people to shower more responsibly, not because they have to but because they think it will be more enjoyable? This will be a benefit for both people and the planet! 

창의적 도전

Create an original, very entertaining, surprising and never seen before video that shows that showering responsibly can be fun, pleasant and, most importantly, can help to save our planet.

Don’t make people feel guilty. Focus on the positive side of doing the right thing, and how much joy can be had when you truly value and love water. Your video must be appealing and surprise people. You can use any stories, facts, moments and vignettes that you feel will intrigue and amuse your viewers so much that they will want to share your video with their friends. It can be about less hot / less water, but we also appreciate any other idea you might have as long as it’s feasible and relevant.The more people view it and share it, the more people will want to change their showering habits and the greater the positive impact on our planet will be.

You don't have to restrict yourself to showering scenes, you can use examples, imaginary moments, analogies… the most important is that people get the message and find it very entertaining.

When watching your video, viewers must be compelled to change their showering habits, not because they have been told to but because it seems so much more enjoyable to do it.


배심원 상금

  • #1 상금 14,000€
  • #2 상금 7,000€
  • #3 상금 4,000€
  • #4 상금 3,000€
  • #5 상금 2,000€


Video or animation, 60 seconds maximum.

수상 기준

We expect high-quality, creative and very entertaining videos with strong viral potential. The winning entry may be promoted on social media in many countries.

가이드 라인

이 공모전을 위한 가이드 라인

  • If you decide to use shower products such as a shampoo or body wash in your video and that the packaging or bottle will be visible, please use Henkel Beauty Care brands such as Schwarzkopf and Syoss for hair care and Fa, Right Guard and Dial for body care. You can also download the packshots here.
  • Do not use any religious, political or sexual references.
  • Your entry must be in English.

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