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Never stop playing with Duracell batteries!

Create a “social” video that shows how Duracell batteries enable kids to be active longer and have more fun, while dramatizing the amazing longevity of Duracell in toys.

Videos or animation,  between 45 seconds and 3 minutes.

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Duracell Duracell

We want to thank all the participants to the Duracell contest. The level has been extremely high with many brilliant ideas incredibly well executed. It's been tough to define the winners within all these good submissions as there many more good videos than the top 5 winners. We wish all participants the best continuation and want to encourage them for future contests as they all proved to be very talented.

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Duracell의 선택

GuzPluks #1등 상금
GuzPluks 10 창의력 점수
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  • Photography
  • Script Writing

#1 Prize of 8,000€

I participate in online contests because they  are a perfect oportunities to practice, learn about film language, to finance film projects and for last, to motivate  people to work together and become new parners. I learned that I won the prize while  i was just walking in the morning, i took my celphone to check my inbox, looking for the eYeka team updates, when i saw the entire sentence i got frozen, opened my mouth and stood in the street for a while. 

This project was made by my classmate Marcus Felsenstein and me, we talked about the brief or two days and the next day he came with the idea, then i only thought about more global details like the languages. It is our first work together and i hope we get in another contest together soon.

I want to work in a team, it has been difficult because its hard to convence people to get into a contest, so im happy to found Marcus, he didnt just help, we made this possible and i thank him for being not only a new teammate, beacuse for being a new friend.

Interesting interpretation of the active play idea, illustrated with Duracell powering active play together. Duracell is the connector,the link between the different children which creates a strong emotional connection. Additionally, the execution of this video is amazingly beautiful.

sgfgee #2등 상금
sgfgee 0 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
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  • 일러스트레이션
  • 애니메이션

#2 Prize of 5,000€

We learnt about Eyeka through various searches online. We follow lots of
different creative portals and film makers blogs and sites and as such get a lot of updates about chances to produce content and work on some original, creative ideas.
We participate in contests as it is a really fun way to get original work out online and motivate us to produce outside of our day to day work.
We use a lot of batteries. They power our work, our creativity and our
lives! When we saw that there was an opportunity to develop an idea for a
brand that we already use so often, we jumped at the chance! Then we saw the brief and the idea came to us so we went for it!!
We were amazed, ecstatic and flabbergasted when we'd heard we had won 2nd
place! The subject title of the e-mail came in and we saw that it said 'Your
media has been selected as a winner' we couldn't believe it!
We create our media thru brainstorming ideas, fine tuning the selected ideas, then we storyboard and go and shoot. Then we bring back to edit and our animation expert put final touches and any animation into the film.
Our inspiration comes from everywhere. Our lives, our friends and family and massively from our peers and our favourite movies and shows that have modelled us and made the people we are today.
We work in a team. Team work and collaboration is the key to success and a
truly original and creative product. Our Box Bear team rules!!
We really enjoyed putting this piece together and are excited for people to see it. We are over the moon that a company like Duracell liked our vision too and to think other people
enjoyed our production enough to make it succeed in this competition is truly inspirational! On to the next one!!!

Steve @ Box Bear Ltd

Good video demonstrating in a nice way how Duracell can play a role to unleash children's active play and creativity without limits. Nice demonstration of the active play idea executed in a really professional way.

brooklight #3등 상금
brooklight 0 창의력 점수
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  • Photography
  • Script Writing

#3 Prize of 3,000€

I have known of eYeka for nearly two years, since my friend Steve
(Capn_Polyester) introduced me to the website and suggested we make commercials together. Over that time we have developed a good friendship and have found our different strengths compliment one another very well.

Usually we work together on submissions. When we team up stories just seem
to sprout as we spitball ideas. When we feel we have a good idea, I will
storyboard and get cast together while Steve does the breakdown. We split
filming and editing depending on our relative workloads and submit either
on my channel or his.

Since I took a year out from my work, I been able to participate more in
eYeka and the results have been pleasing. I was very pleased to hear my
Duracell entry placed because this is currently my favourite piece of work.
Our entries have been doing very well this year winning a number of third
places. But we have our sights on a first place one of these days and are
looking at how we can reach the next tier through improving the end
product. So if you happen to see any of my work I would love to hear your

I participated in the Duracell contest because the idea of parents
reconnecting with kids appealed to me. I am a divorced father of two so
spending time with my children is something I value highly because I don't
always have them. When I get to see them we go out and play rather than
watch television. I used that as inspiration for the piece. I felt like I
was looking ahead to the kind of relationship I want to build with my kids
as I invest time in them.

I find eYeka an excellent way to set myself goals to improve my skills. The
prospect of winning prize money for my ideas keeps me encouraged. Also it
has provided projects to get people interested in creating film together,
which is a good thing.

The beauty of this idea relates in the inter-generational active play connection powered by Duracell. This is short video that carries a real emotional connection through its nice idea combined with a really good execution.

FZCproduction #4등 상금
FZCproduction 0 창의력 점수
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  • 라벨 & 패키지 디자인

#4 Prize of 2,000€

Truly emotional. A good idea idea combined with an excellent production

aceblvd #5등 상금
aceblvd 0 창의력 점수
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#5 Prize of 2,000€

In this video the passive state is demonstrated as the terrible consequence of not-using a Duracell battery, emphasizing the importance of using Duracell batteries to power active play. Nice execution as well.


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Dear participants! Thank you for your beautiful stories and for sharing your creativity and talent!

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