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Convince people with sensitive teeth to end their discomfort by using the most advanced solution in the world - Sensodyne Repair and Protect.

2014년 09월 01일 (월)에 공모전 마감
동영상 - 애니메이션

Life for those who suffer from sensitive teeth is not easy. Can you imagine feeling pain every time you drink a milkshake or eat a sizzling piece of steak? Hopefully you don't have this problem but many people do and they are forced to give up the food and drinks they love. But good news – there is an answer to this problem thanks to “Repair and Protect”, a revolutionary scientific breakthrough from Sensodyne that provides lasting relief for sensitive teeth!

Create an exciting story that tells everyone suffering from sensitive teeth that the science and technology of “Sensodyne Repair and Protect” will provide lasting relief from their pain.

Format: Video/Animation up to 30 secs