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Use your creative spark to reinvent the connection between the things you care about and your money.

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공모 내용

Think about your daily life for a moment. You do so much – work, socialize, have fun, run errands, sleep, eat, shop. Now think of all the things you are responsible for, the things you love and hate to do, the obstacles throughout your day that you would love to get rid of and the small moments that make it all worthwhile.

Money plays a big part in most of these and you will have to deal with it along the way. Whether it’s the big things like taking out a mortgage or saving for college, or day-to-day matters such as a dinner in a nice restaurant with your loved one, a night out with friends or paying for that monthly gym membership you don’t go to often enough…

Thankfully, the digital era is here and it is changing the way we deal with many aspects of our life, our money included. We are now able to change the way we interact with the things we care about and make them easier, more personal and accessible.

You can now access your money anytime, anywhere and even better: your money can access you as today’s technology can learn your preferences, your lifestyle, your environment and help you live better by suggesting proactive solutions.

Can you better connect your money to your lifestyle?

창의적 도전

Astonish us with services/products/tools that reinvent the connection between the things you care about and your money.

With this brief you are asked to think of ways digital services can make your lifestyle and your money connect better. We want you to start by thinking “what do I care about?” Think of everyday tasks, fun activities, things you dislike. When do these require a connection with money? What kind of service would YOU like to have that isn’t out there, that could improve or create the connection? What kind of services and tools do other brands and industries provide you with that YOU wish were implemented in your financial world? Think apps, mobile, tablets, existing popular platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Skype, Google, etc.), whatever digital-oriented tools you use today, and tie them in with your passions and your money. Please explain why this creates value.

You could also consider varying behaviors - for business, leisure, travel or home financing needs, etc., everywhere you deal with money.

Please remember that the human element remains at the core of this entire platform. You can be creative but remember that we want people to use this. Think inventive and useful.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them literally in your submission or it will be rejected.

Bad example: taking out a mortgage using your mobile (basic and uninspiring).

Good example: schedule going to a movie with friends via a mobile app and collect money from all of them instantly via the app. Your friends will receive an invite that will appear in their calendar. As for you, it will automatically inform your babysitting service that you will require a sitter for the kids that evening.

If you own a business and have ideas on ways to improve a business owner’s financial difficulties through the use of digital resources, please share them with us! We are equally interested to hear your ideas on this matter.

For example imagine that you own a small shop and that you collect regular payments from your customers. You could invent a service that automatically tells you when each payment should be received, and send reminders to your clients so that they do not miss their dues. All of these services will be accessible through your mobile phone. It will make your life easier as you will not have to track all of these customer payments yourself.

Your entries can be based on innovative services such as apps, cloud storage, personalization, GPS, mobile, chat, etc. Anything you can think of that hasn’t been done and you wish you had.


배심원 상금

  • #1 상금 4,000€
  • #2 상금 2,000€
  • #3 상금 1,000€
  • #4 상금 500€


Text/with Illustrations (PDF)

수상 기준

We are looking for INNOVATION. Think creative and imaginative but keep it relevant. What is the world missing in terms of financing the things people care about – what are you missing? How can digital services or products solve the money problems that matter to everyday people in an inspired, intelligent way? Suggest ideas that you would adopt right away (or people you know would).

***Important note: the company behind this brief is also searching for talent. So you should try to impress them with your ideas.

가이드 라인

이 공모전을 위한 가이드 라인

  • Only English please
  • If you get your inspiration from other brands/industries – please list them – NO COPYING. You can get inspiration and draw from them but you still need to give it your own twist and make it an original idea.
  • Think of current trends that the world is adopting – when do they connect with money? How can we leverage them and connect them to digital services?
  • Keep the target audience in mind: working age, 20’s to 40’s, digitally savvy

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