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Keep Lifesavers® going with a refreshingly new design!

2014년 09월 17일 (수)에 공모전 마감
라벨 & 패키지 디자인

There are times in the day when you need a jolt of refreshment to keep going. Lifesavers® is a round hard candy with a big hole that looks like… a lifesaver. Whenever you need it, it invigorates your mouth and your mind to help you through the day. The candy and its packaging have not changed for a long time and some say it looks a bit old-school. We need your help to refresh Lifesavers® so that it stands out on the crowded candy, gum and mint shelves and that it is easier for young adults to enjoy on the go.

Revamp Lifesavers® with an original, modern, noticeable packaging and candy design to delight and boost young adults whenever and wherever they need to keep going.

Format: Presentation to include at least one front and one back picture of the packaging