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Create the coolest co-working space for financial tech entrepreneurs!

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공모 개요

공모 내용

The world of financial services is reinventing itself with increasing speed, thanks to the progress of technology. A host of start-ups and entrepreneurs are creating new services, apps and products that change the way banks, brokers and ordinary people operate.

These entrepreneurs believe that they are not only contributing to financial growth but also to the general welfare of society. Education, art and culture surely improve social behaviors. Mobility can also have a great impact. Companies want to be involved in people’s life, improve their lives and make them happier. Hence their desire to encourage mobility and develop culture, art and education.  

When they start, these entrepreneurs do not always have the funds to have their own office. They often rent in a “co-working” space. A co-working space is a building or an office that is shared by a number of companies and individuals, all working on their own projects, but sharing the environment and the facilities. It is cheaper than renting the whole place for yourself, and you get to mingle with a lot of other entrepreneurs, which makes the place very dynamic and full of ideas. Often entrepreneurs find their first clients or partners within their co-working space.

How would you design the ideal co-working space for financial tech entrepreneurs, to give them the physical, emotional and mental support to make their dreams a reality?

창의적 도전

Design the ideal, cool co-working space that will stimulate growth, creativity and collaboration among tech finance entrepreneurs.

Your entry should include:

  • A concept: What is the place about? What is the theme that brings people together? How will it appeal to these entrepreneurs? How will they feel when in the offices?
  • A name (you can create the logo if you want).
  • Some visual representations of how key spaces will look like. Tell us why you design them that way and what is unique about these spaces? The areas to think of are:
    • The workstations space (this is where people work, mostly on their computers). They need to work among themselves within their respective companies so they need a bit of privacy.
    • A collective space that will be used for events, meetings with everyone, training by all the companies in the co-working space.
    • Private meeting rooms that each company can book for itself and their clients.
    • The coffee space where people will get meals, coffee, drinks and hang out. They will also need a place to get their stationeries or some shared facilities like copy machines.

Your co-working space needs to appeal to the belief of financial tech entrepreneurs, that by generating financial products and services that better meet the needs of people, they contribute to their happiness and the welfare of society. 

Your design should support entrepreneurs with the infrastructure and collaborative areas that stimulate and energize them, allow them to communicate and learn from each other’s companies while being able to work privately and confidentially when they need to. It must be visually stunning, without losing its authenticity as a concept that empowers financial tech entrepreneurs.

Above all, your concept must be strong, original and have a unique personality and visual identity.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

Before designing, put yourself in the shoes of these entrepreneurs: They are ambitious, technology savvy, always connected, have a global outlook (finance is globally interconnected) and of course very creative, hungry for knowledge and for success. You can look at some examples of financial tech startups here.

Then seek inspiration from cool office spaces you have seen, but also other public spaces like hotel lobbies, bars, libraries. Make sure you do not suggest something just because you like the design, although it is irrelevant to the needs and wants of these entrepreneurs.

People would want to work in the co-working space you designed because it is functional, beautiful and cool!


배심원 상금

  • #1 상금 3,000€
  • #2 상금 1,500€
  • #3 상금 500€


Presentations with Illustrations and text (PDF)

수상 기준

We are looking for very innovative co-working space concepts, not just a few rooms and desks connected together. Rather than the quality of the execution itself, the client will focus on the effects of your design on people and the benefits they would feel. 

The winning idea will be implemented in the first co-working space for financial tech in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

가이드 라인

이 공모전을 위한 가이드 라인

  • You can use a dash of orange Pantone 158 in your designs as this is our client’s brand color.
  • Entries are accepted in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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