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Can you create an ad for coffee flavored-milk that appeals to a man’s interests, rather than his stomach?

2015년 05월 26일 (화)에 공모전 마감
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Riley is an optimistic, balanced, down-to-earth Australian guy who appreciates the good things that life has to offer, without being a snob. Often, he doesn’t have the time to go to a café with his mates. He’s looking for that quick, no fuss pick-me-up that tastes great and quells the little growls in his stomach that say “feeeeed me”. That is when he likes to drink flavored milk.

Riley doesn't like when advertising pushes products in his face.

Can you create a poster with a tagline for Barista Bros. flavored milk that will appeal to the passions, interests and lifestyle of men like Riley, without talking about milk and coffee?

Format: Poster with a page of explanation to answer the 3 questions (PDF).