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Bring to life that a system razor is a valuable tool in many ways for a guy’s lifestyle by creating an impactful visual illustration for Gillette MACH3!

2015년 06월 28일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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System razors are ergonomic razors where you can change the cartridge (also known as “blade”). They offer a much more comfortable and smooth experience than disposable razors.

But the thing is that some people don’t know that system razors exist! Or they know but they shop in auto pilot mode and don’t even question their buying habits. Or they know about Gillette system razors but don’t understand the real value of it.

Grab guy’s attention with your catchy iconic creative visual for Gillette MACH3 system razors to show them how superior they are compared with disposable ones!

Format: Visual illustration + tagline and text explanation (4 pages max. PDF only).