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Create an ad that illustrates a moment everyone can relate to where the quality of the tissues of SCA brands (Lotus, Tempo, Zewa) makes a difference!

2015년 08월 09일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Tissues help us in a lot of different situations!

SCA’s Tempo, Zewa and Lotus brands produce tissues that – through their outstanding product attributes like perfect blend of softness and strength, absorbency and versatility in use, offer premium paper quality.

Not all consumers are aware of the quality differences between tissue brands and even if they feel the difference, they don’t know what this “extra” should be relevant for.

Think of situations in which the superior product attributes of SCA brands really make a difference and where those tissues not only take care of physical needs, but also, give comfort, (restore) dignity, let people shine and leave a good impression, fulfill  the role of a mother, friend, human being, etc., thanks to their trusted quality.

Create an ad that shows situations everyone can relate to in which high-quality tissue paper really does make a difference and that illustrates how SCA brands (Lotus, Tempo, Zewa) are trusted companions.

Format: Poster (1 visual + text)