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Bring to life the unique feel of your city, with expertise and creativity!

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Font toolkit now available in the guidelines

15/08/28 07:24

For those of you need to use text in your video, please use the font provided here. Alternatively, you can download it below at the guidelines section.

공모 개요

공모 내용

Think of your favorite spots in your city, the ones that you must take your friends to whenever they come to visit. Perhaps these are well-known tourist attractions, but you know how to bring them to life in a unique way with your own perspective or with local anecdotes. Or how about the hidden gems that only locals would know. The spots that give a real feel for the city and help make for lasting memories?

helloworld (http://www.helloworld.com.au) has been creating lasting travel memories for more than 40 years. Whichever city you want to explore, helloworld lets you plan your trip when and how you want it, through a nationwide network of independently owned and operated stores, a comprehensive website, and a friendly and helpful call-center.

As “experts everywhere,” helloworld would like you to help them bring your city’s experience to life and show the incredible perspectives visitors to your city can see. Can you use your local expertise and creative talent to help?

창의적 도전

Surprise travellers with a warm, engaging yet intriguing video featuring your very unique perspective about well-known attractions or hidden gems to instantly give a feel for your city.

Wow us with a beautifully shot video that showcases the diversity and experiences you love in your city. Your video should be shot from your perspective with a voice-over, or the lead character telling us about these places in the first person point-of-view. Use words such as “I see… I am… I love… I feel”

Entice us with a warm and inviting 45 second video that shows your knowledge and unique perspective about the best places in your city and your favorite experiences that make your city truly special.

The winning videos may be used on helloworld’s website, so we want to see beautiful scenes of different places in your city that have meaning to you. Show us more than one place so that we may see the diversity your city has to offer.

Your videos need to appeal to an international audience with a strong and emotional story. Please use English for any voice over or graphics, or just use music and sound effects.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

Example of a good entry: A good example about London might be the rush of air your feel as you’re standing on the platform of the London Tube, and you hear the words “Mind the gap.” You jump onto the Tube to Liverpool Street as you make your way towards Brick Lane where you are introducing your favorite Indian restaurant. Or how about your must-see tourist attractions like the London Eye as you’re walking up Southbank? Be creative with your use of music to evoke a mood of wanderlust.

A good video will be a mix of familiar sights and hidden gems, all shown from your original perspective.

Example of a bad entry: A video showing only a park and your story about the park. People who have never been to your city may not recognize it nor understand the significance of the park even though it has special meaning for you. We want to see sufficient diversity in your video to appeal to a broad range of visitors.


배심원 상금

  • #1 상금 10,000€
  • #2 상금 5,000€
  • #3 상금 3,000€
  • #4 상금 2,000€


Video – 45 seconds.

수상 기준

Make sure your video is shot beautifully, from a personal point-of-view, and your story entices visitors to make a booking with helloworld to see your city. Show them the warmth and joy that comes from seeing the many things your city has to offer, all through your unique perspective. We want to experience the feel and emotion about several aspects of your city yet not go through a boring, predictably guided tour!

가이드 라인

이 공모전을 위한 가이드 라인

  • Please use English for any voice over or graphics, or just use music and sound effects.
  • Your video must be genuine and personal. It should not look like an advertisement.
  • Don't show illegal activities such as rooftop climbing or going into areas restricted for the public.
  • Please do not submit entries with sexual or offensive content, or those that are overtly linked to alcohol.
  • Please include the helloworld end frame in your video. You may download it here.
  • If you need to feature any text in your video, please use the font here.
  • The video will be used on various platforms, including the helloworld It must be high quality. We are looking for videos with good creative execution that can be used straightaway.

eYeka 표준 가이드라인

  • 제출작품에서는 어떠한 개인 정보도 보여서는 안됩니다. (이름, 연락처, 이메일 등)
  • 우승자로 당선이 되면 사용될 경우를 대비하여 작품은 고화질로 보관해주십시오.
  • 공모전에 제출을 고려하고 있는 작품은 본인의 것이어야만 합니다.
  • 해당 미디어를 제공한 각각의 제작자와 작업자로부터 서면 허가를 받아야 합니다.
  • 본인 것이 아닌 작업물(음악, 사진, 디자인 등)이 있다면 사용한 음악 및/또는 이미지가 본인의 창작물인지 아닌지를 미디어 설명에 기입하고 사용 권한을 부여한 라이센스의 링크를 제공하십시오.
  • eYeka는 회원님께 문서화된 증거나 eYeka와 우리의 고객이 공모전 규정 사항에 따라 작품의 사용할 권한이 있음을 증명하는 것 같은 문서화된 확인 증서 전부의 사본을 요구할 것입니다
  • 위의 규정에 부합하지 않는 작품은 본 공모전의 심사 대상에서 제외됩니다.