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Be ready for anything with your flawless look from morning to night!

Bring to life how Downy/Lenor helps you look and feel your best by giving your clothes the finest fragrances and the power to avoid creasing throughout the day, or the power to preserve the newly bought look of new clothes.

Poster and description (2 pages).


Downy P&g

Thank you for all your work, the breath of ideas you came up with were amazing. It really helps us think more creatively and outside the box.

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asurzhykova #1등 상금
asurzhykova 58,160 창의력 점수
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Wardrobe공모전 #1등 상금 1,500€

Very intuitive and conveys the benefit in a simple yet compelling way.

cedricfschan #2등 상금
cedricfschan 2,540 창의력 점수
  • 동영상
  • Photography

The comfortable cloth공모전 #2등 상금 600€

The visual analogy works perfectly, great work!

Designlassana #3등 상금
Designlassana 76,770 창의력 점수
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Downy bag공모전 #3등 상금 400€

Smart and visually communicates the benefit without having to rely on words. Great work!


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