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Invent a new premium beverage that helps hosts shake up every day party routines!

2015년 12월 01일 (화)에 공모전 마감
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When there is a gathering at someone’s place, what the host serves to his guests is quite important. He or she wants to feel proud to offer something unique and tasty that is exciting and raises curiosity.

We all try to find ways to showcase our personality and stand out as hosts. Surprising guests with a new beverage and offering them a new experience is one of the ways to break the ice, stimulate bonding and shake up the party routine.

PepsiCo wants to create a new beverage for North-American urban couples on their 30s.

Invent a new beverage for adults that shakes up social get-togethers.

Your concept should enable hosts to stand out as interesting individuals and reveal their social superpowers, while breaking the ice.

Format: Visual and text.