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Chewing gum has disappeared. Can you bring it to life again but online?

2016년 01월 19일 (화)에 공모전 마감
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Imagine that our World ran out of gum. We cannot produce chewing gum anymore. You will never be able to see one or chew one anymore, forever. The world has become gum-less. Trident is the biggest chewing gum brand in the world. It is known by different names across the world including Beldent, First and Hollywood.  Since chewing gum has disappeared, Trident had a great idea: How about a virtual gum? What could a virtual gum be and do? It is a tough challenge to chew on but if you can invent it, you will be revolutionizing an entire industry.

Invent a virtual chewing gum for our digital and social media world that has the benefits of real chewing gum while being 100% virtual.

FORMAT: 3 pages including visual(s) with explanations.