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Wow young fashionistas with how Vidal Sassoon changed the world with a pair of scissors.

2016년 05월 22일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Inspired by Bauhaus and arising in the swinging 60s, Vidal Sassoon elevated hairdressing to a form of art, liberated women with a pair of scissors, and ushered in a new era in fashion history. While previously “chained” to the salon chair to get that lacquered hair ideal look, women could now move and do whatever they loved and still count on hair to be in style.

However facing aggressive competition from premium salon professional brands, women today are no longer aware of the rich professional heritage of the Vidal Sassoon brand and what it stands for.

Show us how you would communicate the inspiring brand story of Vidal Sassoon in a contemporary and relevant way that resonates with young and trendy fashion addicts that will inspire them to learn more about Sassoon and his stories.

Format: 1st page poster with a tagline; 2nd page answers to the three questions (max 2 pages PDF).