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Convince people that Ariel is worth the price paid!

Through an impactful poster, find original ways to show Ariel’s value and make consumers pick Ariel instead of cheaper brands.

A poster with a tagline and the answers to the questions (2 pages PDF max.)


Ariel P&g

Thank you all for participating in Ariel - Value for money.

We were amazed by the amount of great ideas. Please, keep up the great job and we hope to see your entries again in the future.

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pisezzz #1등 상금
pisezzz 45,600 창의력 점수
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Ariel: Economy공모전 #1등 상금 3,000€

We loved your work. The association of "value for money" with the Shirt-wallet & Ariel is simply wonderful. We believe the shirt-wallet icon could be great to symbolize the value you get when buying Ariel.

poussin2 #2등 상금
poussin2 31,610 창의력 점수
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PIG MONEY BOX공모전 #2등 상금 1,500€

We think your idea was brilliant. It is easy to understand and a straight forward way to associate Ariel and the "value for money" concept. Simple, effective and smart.

Mengboy #3등 상금
Mengboy 83,560 창의력 점수
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Color shades #1공모전 #3등 상금 500€

We belive your entry shows how convenient is purchasing Ariel and why there is a strong correlation between the value and the money you pay for Ariel


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andre_dft 추가 수상자
andre_dft 238,550 창의력 점수
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Worth the White 추가 수상자

Это был умный способ показать ценность, которую вы получите при покупке Ариель. Поздравляем с такой творческой идеей!


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