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Change people’s perception of Cup-a-Soup from boring to fun and exciting.

Get people to think of soup in a different and more exciting way so that they’ll reach for Cup-a-Soup when they need that snack to keep them going.

1st page poster with a tagline; 2nd page answers to the three questions (max 2 pages PDF).


Cup-a-Soup Unilever

Thank you all for your valuable contribution!

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ginarutherford #1등 상금
ginarutherford 104,580 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • 라벨 & 패키지 디자인

#1 Prize of 3,000€

I am so thankful and blessed! I literally jumped up and down when I got the email
Thanks Knorr and thanks Eyeka for opening a door for creativity!

I loved how you portrayed cup-a-soup as something to dream away with

Litaniya #2등 상금
Litaniya 340 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • 라벨 & 패키지 디자인
  • Script Writing

#2 Prize of 1,500€

I like how you show cup-a-soup as a way to escape the daily hussles

JLewis #3등 상금
JLewis 4,580 창의력 점수
  • 그래픽 디자인
  • 동영상
  • 일러스트레이션
  • 창의적인 글쓰기
  • 라벨 & 패키지 디자인
  • Photography
  • Script Writing

#3 Prize of 500€

very creative and unique perspective !


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