Unilever: The power of algae 공모전이 마감되었습니다.

Envision a future where the world is fed sustainably with algae.

2016년 09월 18일 (일)에 공모전 마감
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Do you know that the global population is anticipated to grow from 7 to 9 billion by 2050?

It means that in the next 50 years, we will have to produce more food than has been produced over the past 10,000 years.

With more than 20 international brands used by 2 billion people every day, Unilever is engaged to feed the world in a sustainable and nutritious way.

Algae is the mother of all plants and earth's original superfood, and Unilever aims to create a new, full-of-taste food product range or new food products with algae as an ingredient

Invent a food product that uses algae as one of its key ingredients (algae oil, algae flour, or algae protein), in order to fit with Unilever’s ambition to “feed the world” in a sustainable and nutritious way.

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