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AD, UX, UI, photography - Available for freelancing
Living in Melbourne & Paris
My portfolio:

Work on team with strategist and copywriter Marie Lefebvre
Her portfolio:


12 years in the web graphic design field mainly in Paris
Freelancing since 2011
UX designer since 2016, small design sprint workshops for brands
Studio photography for french culinary brands since 2016

6 months at CHK design, London as a trainee
6 month at Leg Agency, Paris
3 years at Duke agency, Paris

Early Studies:
2006: Gobelins school, Paris in digital medias
2005: Superior School of Applied Art, ENSAAMA France in visual communication
2003: Superior School of Applied Art, Estienne France in graphic design

Extra Studies:
Training in UX and sprint design at Le Laptop, Paris
Training in studio photography at Objectif Lux in Paris
300 hrs Yoga teacher training in 2017 in India

Creative Hobby:
Photography, screen printing, illustration, yoga, travels, books and hiking
Always look on the bright side of life!

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