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Glebe, 오스트레일리아

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I am a Graduate of Fine Arts at UNSW Art & Design with a passion for manga, Buddhist art, graphic art and illustration. Born in Bangkok to Australian parents of Italian and Irish ancestry, I am “a third culture kid” whose life experience embodies a melding of Eastern and Western culture. Having lived in Asia all my life until recently moving to Sydney to study art at university, I lived in Tokyo for 10 years before moving to Hong Kong where I graduated from Hong Kong International School. The nomadic life style led me to have an affinity with those other cultures, whilst having ownership of none. Through drawing in either material or digital mediums my work is a representation of the countries I grew up in. My art pieces/works represent individually or a combination of the three countries Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong that shaped me. By means of symbolism or patterning associated with those countries I hoped people can see this migration. Defining it as a “Tantric Zentangle” I use patterning to help show the uniqueness and confusion involved in being a “third culture kid”.

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